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Vice City Android (93% Progress)

Author: Anten_GTA
Date: 06.07.2019
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I decided not to give you “100% save data" since the game will become so boring once you reached 100% progress; no more mission to do, no more person to contact for jobs.

[[ 93% Vice City Save Game for Android platform ]]
* No Wasted
** No Busted
*** 93% progress
**** 12,345,678$ (Beautiful amount of cash, isn't it?)
***** All properties acquired

Here is my 93% save file for GTA Vice City. I have left you another 7% to be completed by yourself. These includes :

1. Paramedic side mission (level 12)

2. Firefighter side mission (level 12)

3. RC Helicopter, triggered by getting in the Top Fun van parked in the airport.

4. Cannon Fodder (the stealing drug van mission from Umberto Robina)

5. Naval Engagement

6. Dirty Lickin (The sniper mission from Auntie Poulet)

7. Trojan Voodoo (The mission that you bomb the Haitians factory)

8. All Hands on Deck (Escorting Juan Garcia Cortez on his yacht)

9. Loose Ends (The final phone mission that you have a gunfight behind the ice-cream factory)

10. Keep Your Friends Close (The final storyline mission, epic shootout inside the Vercetti mansion!)

***This save game will overwrite the 8th save slot***


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Vice City Android (93% Progress)
Vice City Android (93% Progress) Vice City Android (93% Progress)

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