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If you have the blocked mouse problem then it is possible that you can't activate the mods.
I had this problem the last time and to fix the problem I had open the task manager of windows then in the details tab I had search the game Gta San Andreas and I had disabled the processors except 1 in "define the affinity".

After all the mods could work without problems :).

Mod (almost) Finished and will upload this week end or later :

Mod in development :
- Mario Kart Mod (correction of the last bugs or improvement of mod).
- SWAT Mission (first mission finish of 10)

Others mod :
- Mastodonte MW3 :
I will correct the bugs to the mod later.
- Barrack Passenger :
- Radar cleo mod :
- Black Hawk Passenger Mod :
- Black Hawk Passenger v2 :

Country: France
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