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We are in a tough business, our typical buyers are not impulsive buyers. Our buyers are very informative and they do their research before making a purchase, the reason for that is our buyers (Fuller Bust women, Full-Figured women and crossdressed men/LGBTQ) have suffered a lot from the big bra brands. These buyers have bought several bras from big brands and other brands and these bras did not work. So here we are a new brand, a small brand, an unknown brand that is actually selling bras that work, bras that provide lift and support. Bras that provide side support, bras that perk the breasts; but we are finding it hard to convince more buyers that our bras actually work. We can not get more buyers/website visitors to buy (sale/conversion has been very tough). The website visitors like what they are seeing on the website but they are not just buying enough.
Our products are not every woman, not for every age group. These products are for women who have struggled their entire life searching for support bras. These women are usually over 40yrs. They are willing to pa an extra amount of dollars for their support bras; because these women have been searching for their bra size and they have not been able to find their bra. We are looking for these types of women because when they buy they do not just buy 1 bra, they buy 2 or 3 bras.

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