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About Me

Welcome to my profile
you need help

I know on
1 electronics
2 car audio
3 ogolnie on equipment
I've always been interested in hacks
You need advice
I am doing
mods to gta san andreas
trainer, mod menu
various selectors, etc.
selector of weapons
bodyguard selector
mission selector
the actor's selector
vehicle selector
weather selector
code selector, heats
trainer on old panels
trainer on my panels
gang war
small scripts
large scripts
hoot coffe scripts
modifications of data

interesting for interesting
I am a massive scriptwriter and modder of the whole gta series
once I repaired the trainer for gta 4 of the author Emanuel u
I can do my best to teach you how to add mods to the console
np gta sa on ps2
modification of entries
modification of textures
date modifications
gta 4 for the console ps3
adding trainers, mod menu of the best authors
gta v for the console ps3
adding trainers, mod menu of the best authors

Country: Poland Age: 19
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"King of GTA"

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19.02.2019, 05:04
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GTA IV/V Styled Radar for Android [COMPLETE]
SD GAMERZ | 01.01.2019 | 4566

fan script
"King of GTA"
King of GTA
Comments: 1017

I do not really have an android
but you are good luck in future projectsgood
when I started my adventure with modding
I announced a competition for 3000 downloads, I will add the next mod and there were over 3000 downloadsbb

GTA IV/V Styled Radar for Android [COMPLETE]
SD GAMERZ | 31.12.2018 | 4566

fan script
"King of GTA"
King of GTA
Comments: 1017

lol Laughso in a hurry you forgot to turn off your caps lock
you better to beware of the author
if he falls into your house with a rifle
I would advise you to give him creditsgood

Visual Car Spawner for Android
cheel555 | 30.12.2018 | 9358

fan script
"King of GTA"
King of GTA
Comments: 1017

Do you think dumb dick
that if you delete a comment you will be clean
I told you that it would not give you anything
everyone must read and understand the who of you are
you are a thief who can not submit his script
you are even afraid to write back
the last warning if you will delete this comment
my people will take care of your facebook group
what is there to do
your choice

now a repetition of your stupidity

it is plagiarism
such designs do cheel555
you would not be able to do the same interface
without looking at the cheel555 developer script
give author credits
We will give you peace

Thief, do not download it stop
he dont has respect for the original author
and after you went with android, you went lol

not give you anything
delete this comment lol
stop stop stop stop stop

but I will give you the last chance
write here nicely in the comment
who is the author of this scenarius
first is the first author and finally you
Fortunately, you do not have a donate function

Momiji Skin Mod
Gaming tutorial | 22.11.2018 | 4527

fan script
"King of GTA"
King of GTA
Comments: 1017

dude I thought you were less than the first author
we are fucking here, we are crouching, and this shit is blocked
do not download this shit, do not support stigma, it's greed and hatred
blocked skins are useless
they say fuck to other thieves and the whores themselves steal and block skins
and still primitive textures to scare children to better get the curses there
we eliminate the dishonest ones
fucking guy upload the same skin, explain to me?
what the fuck you think that you will remove the comment and you will be ,fucking a clean fucking
talk in the coments fucking
fucking fucking jerk,
last warning
you will remove this comment, I will report you to admin and issue 1/10

Momiji Skin Mod
Gaming tutorial | 18.11.2018 | 4527

fan script
"King of GTA"
King of GTA
Comments: 1017

the guy has stolen the skin, do you know what you're writing, we're all thieves
take a look at it logically
1 modifying the game you are doing is not legal
2 modders steal data from other games, eg doa
and later add gta san andreas to the data, which is a double theft
and besides, blocking data is greed, you do it with no love for another human being
and after I go to misaki and miyata, I have nothing
And the hypocrite is probably you, as you call others, from hypocrites
moddyng must be common this guy deserve brawoyes