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Hello! I'm Nicolay (I'm also also known as YochiEevee, EeveeEmolga or simply Yochi). Making mods for GTA San Andreas since 2014 (though I started to upload mods to this site since 2015, and the rise of my mods was started in 2017 with BMW M3 E30 being my first featured mod on this site), and I am a BIG fan of tunable cars (be it a Wheel Arch Angels tuner or a Loco Low lowrider)

If you have any questions, just PM me. Bug reports in my mods' comments are also accepted. No mod nor (default) replacement change requests are accepted of any kind since I'm tired from those.

Current GTA SA WIP mod schedule:
GTA V Dinka Kanjo SJ [Tunable] (replaces Elegy)
GTA V Bravado Buffalo STX [Tunable] (replaces Buffalo)
GTA V Karin Previon [Tunable] (replaces Previon)
GTA V Annis Euros [Tunable] (replaces Euros)
GTA V Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec [Tunable] (replaces Patriot)

Country: Russian Federation Age: 21
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1971 Oldsmobile 442 Beater For Android
San Kustom Mods | 15.06.2022 | 1385

Comments: 254

To be honest, it looks like a Stallion with quad lights and mismatched panels rather than an actual Oldsmobile Cutlass and Oldsmobile 442. Were you trying to make something close to GTA SA Vanilla Clover?

Porsche Cayman S for Mobile
-EXDEATH- | 15.12.2018 | 8481

Comments: 254


Original author : MEGALAMER

MEGALAMER didn't create the model of this Porsche, he only makes paintjobs for it. The original model of this Porsche was made by serOom & [ITC]RR_LXD

Lotus Elise 111R for Mobile
-EXDEATH- | 08.12.2018 | 4139

Comments: 254

You forgot tuning parts that were must be included with the car itself. Otherwise, tuning parts will look weird if they will be untouched from vanilla Flash.hunter