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Car Sound mod creator that aims to make the most realistic sounds possible in San Andreas.

My mods are intended for people who only drive/race on San Andreas, so there may be sound glitches when walking/running/rain .etc

I eventually plan on releasing 'ambient' sounds as well for the game, meaning when in the country side or city you can hear cars racing in the distance.

I will be making sounds for GTA IV and V eventually, but I have yet to get those games.

As my name suggests a vast majority of my sound are for the Mercedes CLK GTR SuperSport.

I take requests but they can take up to a month or longer depending on the car. For certain sounds I am waiting for a car model to be released so I can release the sound to get with the car.

Age: 24
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Where did you get those clothes from, and are they good for T.I.P mod?