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How to manage a page in social networks?
Now we have understood that it is not only profitable, but also prestigious for a company to have pages or sub-publics on social networks. Therefore, it is important to use this tool correctly to get the most out of a particular social network and good results for the entire project. To do this, it is worth adhering to a number of rules, which have repeatedly proven their effectiveness in practice:

Clearly define the category of potential customers. Awareness of the social position, age and income level of possible customers will allow you to develop a strategy for promoting your brand for different online venues.
Observe your competitors. Research how your competitors handle social media. Determine which social networks they use more and why.
Properly fill your page with content. Include photos and videos, properly formatted feature articles and text, as well as contacts and links to your website as content for your page posts.
Adhere to the format of the content. If you are working with several social networks at once, it is better not to duplicate the content you post, as each social network differs in its capabilities and the format of how best to present the information to the user.
Sending out invitations. Attract new subscribers to your public profile, page or group that may be interested in your products or services.
Interact with other publishers and sites. Arrange to collaborate with reputable groups and sites to exchange links or make it an advertisement. Such a strategy will not only attract new users, but also allow you to promote your page in search engine rankings.

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