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Hello, I'm LUISDooM. I love GTA SA and Hyperdimension Neptunia games (except Virtual Stars, AKA, V-Tuber ad tool) and I've started making GTA SA skins some time ago.
I've not only made skins of HDN series, I've made skins from models from other games too like Death end re;Quest 1/2, YS VIII, ToCS... If there is a game I like, I make skins it's models XD
That's all, and remember, if you like my skins, please, comment, rate and share them, that encourages me to release more of my work! (I still have LOTS of unreleased skins) :D
Check my DeviantArt page to see some of my GTA SA pics I made with my skins. :)

Country: Argentina Age: 33
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GTA V Aim for Android
Rizky Aldiansyah | 22.06.2021 | 4851

Comments: 14

Nice good

Skin Selector V4 Updated For Android
Wajahat Munir | 17.04.2021 | 42027

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The mod works great but I have an annoying problem, every time CJ's body stat changes, the currently used skin gets all deformed after changing/loading locations, rendering that particular skin unusable until quitting and re opening the game. Can you fix it please? or at least point me to another mod that freezes the body stat from increasing/decreasing?
Thanks in advance. good