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New! GTA III RenderWare

GTA III RenderWare

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What's new in this version?

-IV Atmosphere.
-Real Anim.
-Swimming Anim.
-Real effects 2.0.
-Dynamic Light.
-Light Correction.
-Light Return for Helis.
-Dynamic Object's.
-Reflection Fix for Rain.
-3D Ped Dynamic Shadow Script.
-Water Transparency Mod.
-No Gang Hostile.
-HD Pool Water.
-Mod Loader.
-IV Clear Water with Underwater Seabed.
-New Transparent HD Reflection and Water Textures.
-All HD Quality Textures added for Particle file.
-Custom Particle effect file.
-SkyBox with New Cloud Textures in Day and Night.With Real Effects 2.0 Timecyc.
-HQ Frontend Splash and Menu Textures.
-Reshade Shaders (DirectX 10/+ Version).
-Save Editor.
-TXD Work Shop.
-IMG Tool.
-CLEO Library.
-DirectX 8 Reshade.
-DirectX 9 ENB Series v0.369 with Default Settings with ENB Startup Fixer and Loader (From GTA San andreas).
-DirectX Drawing Component for Modern OS Compatibility.
-Ultimate ASI Loader.
-DirectX 10/+ Post Processing Injector.
-III Widescreen Fix with Enabled Maximal Multisampling.
-III Open Limit Adjuster (Some Problem? Edit the Parameter's!).
-III Lod Light's Improved Shadow with Draw Distance,Better Corona FarClip.
-Road Reflection Fix.
-Silent Patch
-SkyGfx 3.0a New Render Functions,Ps2Water,DisableBackfaceCulling,NoCarColTex.8192 ENVMapSize,Leeds Reflection Now Activated for Vehicles.
-SkyGfx 3.0 Leeds Reflection Multiplier Now on 0.5 Intensity 0.1 Leeds Emissive Light.World PreLight Emissive Light now on 0.1 of Intensity.
-Game Engine Features:Bloom with Blue Shift,Complex Shadow,Water Distortion,Water Caustics,Reflection Fresnel,LensFlare,Occlusion,Water Reflection with Refraction,Wave Bumping Map.And more...

-Done! Nothing More! Enjoy! Released Day and Country: 15.10.2019 Hungary!
-Thank You for "Krisztian22".And "Boris Vorontsov" - ENB Developer for Creating ENB Series v0.369! And other modders for script and asi plugin's to use.

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Calm Timecyc
Andreas Arfantya | 01.10.2016 | 10293

"Bounty Hunter"
Bounty Hunter
Comments: 76

Cool timecyc.Work in gta 3 engine?

GTA V Timecyc Mod
nopetodope | 01.10.2016 | 44400

"Bounty Hunter"
Bounty Hunter
Comments: 76

This is work on gta 3 engine? Please make this timecyc settings for gta 3! Thanks nopetodope!