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Ultimate Starter Save v1 for Mobile

Author: Antonio_Tomarito | Email
Date: 21.07.2022
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Greetings Everyone! I would like to show you my Starter Save! This save will be useful for newbies and even for professionals since there are some things that may interest them!

What you will find in this save file:
1) There will be 14.97% of completion in stats. You will ask me how I got it, since on other platforms you can get maximum 13,37%. The thing is that on Mobile version all the Gyms are opened from the begining and you can easily learn new moves, which will give you more percentage.

2) All 50 Oysters were collected. Reward: Max Lung Capacity+40% to the CJ's girlfriends dates status.

3) All 100 Tags were sprayed. Reward: Weapons in CJ's House and homies wield SMG and Deagle

4) All 50 Snapshots were taken. Reward: Weapons in the SF Garage

5) All 50 Horseshoes were collected. Reward: Weapons outside the Four Dragons Casino and 1000 Luck

6) All Side Missions were completed

7) All Chilliad Challenges are completed

8) BMX and NRG-500 Challenges are also passed

9) All Available Houses were purchased

10) CJ's dialogue when he reaches Grove st. is saved

11) Information Pick Ups are saved

What is not necessary for progress but I did It anyway:
1) 69/70 Unique Jumps were done, the reason why you can't make all of them because there is one jump where the invinsible barrier is situated, so you will not have an opportunity to make it.

2) Burglar Mission was completed. Reward: CJ is no longer tired of running

3) 3 Girlfriends are Available

4) CJ got a hi-score in the Bee Arcade Game

5) CJ got over 3000 points in the Club

6) All Restaurants were opened since CJ got the date With one of the 3 girlfriends

CJ's Status:
1) CJ got the Pilot's License, so you can easily get access to the LS Airport

2) Biker Skill is maxed out

3) BMX Skill is maxed out

4) Driver Skill is 60%

5) CJ has 2000 Minigun Ammo, 5000 SMG Ammo, 3000 M4 Ammo, 300 Sniper Ammo, Silenced Pistol, 600 Combat Shotgun Ammo, Knife and Tear Gas.

6) All Weapons have Hitman Level

7) CJ has never been Busted or Wasted

8) Stamina is almost maxed out

9) CJ is buffed

10) CJ has 62 Million Dollars

11) CJ has San Fierro tatooes

12) CJ has never been caught using Cheats or Mods :)

Vehicles in Garages:

1) Grove st. :

2) Santa Maria:
Fireproof Patriot

3) El Corona:
Bloodring Ranger

4) LS Impound:
SF News Chopper

5) Mullholland house:
Sea Sparrow

6) SF Garage:
Police Maveric
Police Car

7) SF Impound:

How to download: Extract the download ed file, then move GTASAsf2 to Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files

Enjoy :)

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Ultimate Starter Save v1 for Mobile
Ultimate Starter Save v1 for Mobile Ultimate Starter Save v1 for Mobile Ultimate Starter Save v1 for Mobile Ultimate Starter Save v1 for Mobile Ultimate Starter Save v1 for Mobile Ultimate Starter Save v1 for Mobile Ultimate Starter Save v1 for Mobile

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