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Crazy Trains for Android

Author: megafirefox
Date: 24.07.2016
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Hello! Today I decided to port the script "Crazy Trains" from PC to Android, and publish it (thanks for the idea Mad Bear Gamer. The script is very funny.

The script is run when you come to the area around the marker on the map (Screenshot with map below on this page), then there are two fast trains, which will appear every 5 seconds and demolish everything in its path, as long as you do not go away from that place. You can have fun with this script as you like, it is best to look like when the train is in the way of the tank, it flies in the sky after the collision, and after the fall of hurt and several cars explode. If you want to ride on them, sooner or later you will carry off the platform. Machines can not always get caught by a train and rush.

Ported by: megafirefox
Original author of PC version: Dr. John13


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Crazy Trains for Android
Crazy Trains for Android Crazy Trains for Android

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