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Real Effect Full Final Version Android (UPDATE PLUS)

Author: P-Man
Date: 05.05.2015
Downloads: 146710
Filesize: 48.868 MB

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dONT forget surcribes my new channel :D

#NEW UPLOAD August 11,2015#
-New water,sun,clouds...
-Add speedometer texture and cleo script..
-Add effect kill (pointblank theme) and cleo script..
-Add texture,if you want import this effect by your self...
-For my detail update pack,,just look my upload for Pu3 Revolution Pack 2015..
-Thanks for all supports,..

## add for tutor by video how to get gta3.img,,replace and add dff... Because some request,,..

^_^ Hai all,,..

^_^ Update just add bonus for non pack,,..
thanks for downloading..

i'm so sorry if i must discontinues last real effect upload..
Dont worried,,i change with this one..
Now this effect full version,..
And different look from last upload..
All smoke work fine now like:
-Drift Smoke..
-Collosion smoke..
-Particle skid.. etc,..

## I make small all texture from original,,because this very heavy effect..So i make small texture for reduce lag when you use this effect..

-Inside download have TXD Folder ready use for you test first this effect...

^_^ Inside download also have link For My Pu3 Revolution Pack 2015 from my upload before, use this effect too..
If you ready download gta3.img from Pu3 Revolution Pack 2015 before,..
No need download gta3.img again,,because that's still same with before..
just download for txd only,..
I still work with My final Pack,,95% done...

^_^ Thanks For Real Author & Credit by Eazy322....

^_^ Thanks for GTAinside..

^_^ Thanks all off you for downloads..

^_^ Thanks My Little Angel Pu3"Putri" ^_^


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Real Effect Full Final Version Android (UPDATE PLUS)
Real Effect Full Final Version Android (UPDATE PLUS) Real Effect Full Final Version Android (UPDATE PLUS) Real Effect Full Final Version Android (UPDATE PLUS)

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