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Doctor Who Mod v3.2 For Android

Author: TommyLingL
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Date: 25.02.2014
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The link of PC version:

1. press 1 and 9 cj will put out his phone and call for the Tardis with her real landing effect and lights(Time and relative Dimensions in Space!)
2. press 5 to teleport at a random place when cj is flying the Tardis and the time will advance 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 or 12 hours and wanted level will become 0(of course, Tardis never teleport Doctor to the place he want to go)
3. you will get a sonic screwdriver if you go into the Tardis(Timy-Wimy!)
4. press 6 to lock a car(the doors of car will automatically close) with real animation and press 4 to unlock(the door of car will automatically open and the driver will run away) when CJ is holding a screwdriver(pppddssss!)
5. After teleport, a Dalek will appear(1/3 percent) and exterminate you!(and you can never kill it,WOHAHA)
6. you can press 2 and 8 to fly the Tardis forward now:)
7. The vision will be shaking a little bit if you are flying the Tardis(that's how the Doctor fly it)
8. The Tardis door will be locked as quick as you get in now(come on! Cops!)

1. The 11th Doctor's Tardis(created by Tommy)
2. The 11th Doctor's sonic screwdriver(created by Tommy too)
3. Tardis spawner cleo(written by Tommy)
4. Sonic Screwdriver cleo(written by Tommy again)
5. Tardis Teleport cleo(modified from the super teleport cleo)
6. Daleks Invasion cleo(still written by Tommy)
7. The Superior Dalek mod(certainly create by Tommy)
8. LastStanding cleo(guess who wrote it? Me again!)

Goddamnit! I am working alone all the time!!!

ps: Install tuts are in the download file


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Doctor Who Mod v3.2 For Android
Doctor Who Mod v3.2 For Android Doctor Who Mod v3.2 For Android Doctor Who Mod v3.2 For Android

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