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Treehouse for Mobile

Author: Strange Mods | Email
Date: 06.11.2023
Downloads: 2845 | Statistics
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This mod adds a treehouse near grove street

this is not a mapping it is a cleo

Installation mode/extract the mod/get the file treehouse.csa move to android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa

*WARNING* : I noticed that people taking my mods here from the site and re-posting them on other sites without leaving credits, the use of the mods is free but keep the credits and the link to my video, support the mod creators!

How to use the mod? The mod enables it without any command or button, just go to the location and you will find the tree house

For more mods subscribe to my channel and future mods also here on the site :

I want to thank everyone here on the site for subscribing to my channel, it's helping me a lot and motivating me even more to bring mods!

If you want to ask for mods comment on my video that I will be posting here

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Treehouse for Mobile
Treehouse for Mobile Treehouse for Mobile Treehouse for Mobile Treehouse for Mobile

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