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Great Theft Car for Mobile (update 23.06.23)

Author: Raskul
Date: 03.06.2023
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Hello everyone!
I am glad to present you a port of the 2008 global modification for the mobile GTA San Andreas called "Great Theft Car".

Filling the mod:
- About 50 exciting missions telling a new story, the events of which unfold in 1993, after the events of the main game;
- Several optional additional missions;
- The ability to capture businesses.

1. The original modification itself is extremely unstable. All crashes and freezes were carefully transferred to the mobile version, although some critical bugs were fixed. I advise you to save more often;
2. This port is a direct transfer of main.scm from the PC. This means that most of the external scripts here have no adaptation for mobile management, but I made it possible to buy food;
3. The port itself is still poorly tested — patches will definitely come out. If you find any bugs: for example, on a mission, the game requires you to press a button, but the button does not appear; after the failure of the mission, a completely different mission became available for a replay; you are faced with a departure on some mission, and it is impossible to go through the game further - be sure to inform me about them! I advise you, after passing this port, to look at the passage of the original mod on YouTube to make sure that the mod worked correctly and according to the original idea.
4. The mod is available in English and Russian: select English in the settings for English subtitles or French for Russian subtitles.
5. Some additional features have been removed, such as super-nitro, time dilation, taxi call, etc. These features are optional for passing the mod, and the implementation of all the features on the touch screen is impossible.

Original author: Johnix
Transfer to mobile devices: Raskul

Changes from 04.06.23:
- Fixed the possibility of launching one of Caesar's missions.
- Fixed missing text on the "Deadly Agreement" and "Free Running" missions.
- Fixed the final cut scene on the "Deadly Agreement" mission.
- Fixed bomb activation on the "Blow and go" mission.
- Fixed the cutscene skip button after capturing a business.
- Updated the description of the mod.

Changes from 05.06.23:
- The parachute is now functioning correctly.

Changes from 19.06.23:
- Now the mod is fully adapted to the mobile main.scm. Crash has become much less.
- Some minor corrections have been made.

Changes from 22.06.23:
- Fixed crash on the "LIghterman" mission.

Changes from 23.06.23:
- Fixed crash on the "The Great Escape" mission.

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Great Theft Car for Mobile (update 23.06.23)
Great Theft Car for Mobile (update 23.06.23) Great Theft Car for Mobile (update 23.06.23) Great Theft Car for Mobile (update 23.06.23) Great Theft Car for Mobile (update 23.06.23) Great Theft Car for Mobile (update 23.06.23)

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