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SunFlow's Custom Subtitles for Mobile

Author: SunFlow
Date: 23.11.2022
Downloads: 4107 | Statistics
Filesize: 9.21 MB

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- Rearranged the lines, it's a bit cleaner now.
- Remade everything, from the ground up. No more mistakes, hopefully (?)

(Previously known as 'SunFlow's Cutscene Selector Subtitles Fix'

- This mod tries to mimic the subtitle style of modern games (Best seen in games like 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare')

- This changes both cutscene subtitles and in-game subtitles, it also changes unused dialogue subtitles too!

- This should work for every other versions, but no tests has been done (Other than Mobile 2.00)

- There are 3 variations you can choose (Detailed explanation in the 'Screenshots' folder):
1). Colored Names.
2). Colorless Names.
3). Nameless.

- There are 2 versions you can choose:
1). Normal.
2). One for 'SunFlow's Cutscene Fixes' users. (And also for those who uses Cleoude's 'Los Sepulcros Fix')

//If there's any missing/incorrect subtitles, be sure to let me know! You can message me on Discord! (__sunflow__)//

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SunFlow's Custom Subtitles for Mobile
SunFlow's Custom Subtitles for Mobile SunFlow's Custom Subtitles for Mobile SunFlow's Custom Subtitles for Mobile

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