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Mobile Enhancements and Fixes for Mobile

Author: Mr. JohnKyleGSF14
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Date: 23.10.2022
Downloads: 11598 | Statistics
Filesize: 1.214 MB

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A mod that fulls of corrections and fixes for your game, it improves your game mechanics and make it more immersive

Its only 1 mb but tons of changes

Re-uploading this mod and including it on modpacks is fine just put a credit of the author of this mod

-Increased the draw distance for wooden poles to avoid seeing floating wires
-Fixed the texture bug on captruck
-Triads has now more voice lines variant
-Prostitute and Criminals are now appearing more diverse depends on time
-Added voices on clowns
-Restored 2 Hecklers ped and they appears on Las Venturas
-BMYST and BFYST are no longer appears on Las Venturas
-Restored Shuffle walkstyle on homeless peds
-WFYPRO, VWFYPRO and VBFYPRO now appears common at night
-The Transparent textures on wind flag, liquor store and more has been fixed
-Fixed Sun Rays on Doherty Garage
-Restored Ticket Machine in San Fierro (Like in Beta)
-Restored PS2 Props in Las Venturas (Visage Signs, Triad Lamps, pilars, dragons and its wires)
-Grove Street Members can be now seen riding BMX
-Fixed Without Alpha HedgeWall Texture
-Fixed some Alpha textures Bugs
-Added Voices on Hecklers
-Fixed the Dark arm of Heck1
-Fixed the Texture Compression in male_01 and csher
-Fixed the timed objects
-Karate, boxing and Katana now deals more damage
-Dildo now deals less damage
-Ajusted Mlee weapon damage to make them more accurate
-Corrected some peds walkstyle
-The Fat Ballas (Ballas2) now listens to Bounce FM
-The P1mps now only appear in San Fierro
-Corrected some walk style (some old peds will walk old and some criminals will walk gangster)
-WMYMECH is now appearing in San Fierro and Las Venturas
-Corrected Gangs Favorite Radios (ballas are now listening in RLS and Vagos is in Playback FM)
-Fixed a hole in Cutscene Voodoo (Taken from PC files)
-Ballas are now riding voodoo
-Fixed The invisible texture in Clowns pocket casino
-Added Quad in Traffic
-Added Nrg500 in Traffic
-Added Hotknife in Traffic
-Fixes The Missing Texture in Bridge near CJ's House
-Fixes The Invisible Textures in Clowns Pocket
-Fixes The Invisible Glass Texture inside Of Betting Shop
-Fixes The Missing Sticker Texture in Sandking
-Corrected The Damage of Flower (its now tooks long to kill someone)
-Corrected Peds Runs And Walk
-Restored Security Guards and Pimps Voices
-Corrected the color of Big Smoke's Car
-Added Black Variant of Stretch
-PS2 Paths
-Corrected The Position of the lamp in San Fierro (Dwayne's Hotdogs Van Crashed on it in mission Wear Flower in your Hair)
-Added Missing Railgates in Los Santos
-All S3x Shops Are Now Enterable
-Donuts Shops Are Open (You can't Still Eat Donuts but it still useful if your life is low you can go this there's a vending machine there)
-Fixed A Pixelated Texture of Los Santos Police Officers
-Restored Male Lifeguards
-Restored Pimps and His Voice
-Restored Old Security Guard


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Mobile Enhancements and Fixes for Mobile
Mobile Enhancements and Fixes for Mobile Mobile Enhancements and Fixes for Mobile Mobile Enhancements and Fixes for Mobile Mobile Enhancements and Fixes for Mobile Mobile Enhancements and Fixes for Mobile Mobile Enhancements and Fixes for Mobile

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