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Rusty Brown’s Ring Donuts Mobile

Author: Raskul, ATPs, AlphaBit
Date: 17.08.2022
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You probably know or have noticed one obvious thing at least once — fast food restaurants Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts, specializing in the sale of donuts, were cut out of GTA SA for reasons unknown to us. From these restaurants, there are many remnants in the game — from the interior and unused menu to pedestrian phrases.

This mod returns these doughnuts to the game and restores their functionality as much as possible in the final version of the game! And the most important thing is that Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts restaurants are almost completely identical to other restaurants in the game.

Modification features:
1. Pedestrians wander in the interior of Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts;
2. The donut seller has a full set of replicas, as in other restaurants (the voice of a Cluckin Bell employee is used);
3. Each serving increases fat, increases the statistics of your calories and money spent on food;
4. If a player eats more than 11 servings, he will vomit — in this case, he will have to wait a few game hours before the next meal. The most important thing here is synchronization with other restaurants by using global variables (it may lose compatibility when installing some main.scm mods, but I don't think they will ever appear), that is, for example, if you throw up in Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts, then after that you will not you will be able to eat in other restaurants as well, and the number of portions of donuts eaten at a given time is summed up with how many portions of food you have eaten in other restaurants.
5. All Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts are marked on the map with a marker;
6. Just like other similar establishments in the game, Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts restaurants open after the "Ryder" mission.

1. Transfer the CLEO script and the text ".fxt" file to where the Cleo scripts are loaded from (usually along the path Android/data/com.rockstargamesgtasa).
2. Transfer files from the maps folder (with replacement) along the path Android/data/com.rockstargamesgtasa/files/data.

(!) Attention!
1. You need an APK with a CLEO library.
2. You need to start the game from the beginning (start a "new game") so that the entrance to the interior works correctly!

Original modification: ATPs and AlphaBit;
Adaptation: Raskul.


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Rusty Brown’s Ring Donuts Mobile
Rusty Brown’s Ring Donuts Mobile Rusty Brown’s Ring Donuts Mobile

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