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Ryder Doesn’t Betray Mobile (version from 20.08.22)

Author: Raskul, Tsoi_Boy, Cleoude, GroveStGTAV, Junior_Djjr, Jessica Natalia
Date: 17.08.2022
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Adaptation for mobile devices of a little-known, but no less interesting modification called "Ryder Doesn't Betray". The modification will change the storyline of the game, making it so that Ryder no longer betrays Grove Street Families — now he heroically dies during a shootout on the Green Sabre mission and does not appear again in the course of the plot, thus leaving only one Big Smoke in the main traitors.

Major changes:
- "Robbing Uncle Sam": Ryder now doesn't mention that CJ doesn't know what's going on.
- "House Party": Ryder joins the shootout to help.
- "Green Sabre": Ryder does not appear in the cut scene of betrayal and dies during a shootout.
- "Photo Opportunity": Ryder is replaced by Big Smoke, dialogues are adapted.
- "Pier 69": Ryder is replaced by Big Smoke, the dialogues are being adapted. Big Smoke runs away.
- "YAY-KA-BOOM BOOM": Removed the cut scene in which CJ mourns Ryder's death.

Additional changes:
- Fixed a date with Michelle.
- Fixed van doors on a side mission to rob houses.

Changes from 20.08.22:
- Added a version for PS Vita (available only in English).

Installation: transfer the data folder to files/data as a replacement.
The audio folder with the replacement in files.
Add files from the cuts.img folder to the cuts.img cache with replacement.
Transfer the file with the translation you need (fxt) to the place where the Cleo scripts are loaded from.

(!) Attention!
1. You need to start the game from the beginning (start a "new game").
2. You need an APK with data-duplicates cut out.

Autor: Tsoi_Boy
Cutscenes: Cleoude (correções e sem Ryder), GroveStGTAV (câmera)
Repack: Junior_Djjr, Jéssica Natália
Adapted for Mobile: Raskul.

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Ryder Doesn’t Betray Mobile (version from 20.08.22)
Ryder Doesn’t Betray Mobile (version from 20.08.22) Ryder Doesn’t Betray Mobile (version from 20.08.22) Ryder Doesn’t Betray Mobile (version from 20.08.22)

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