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Hot Coffee Mobile (Improved Mobile main.scm) (update from 21.06.22)

Author: Raskul, Laremi Story, Deezire, Philips_27, 5d0, Harahettagu, Izzotop, ilver, SaH4PoK, lapushka and other
Date: 30.01.2022
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Good afternoon, you got clickbait! What, it turns out, there will be no Hot Coffee?! No, it will! But there is not only Hot Coffee in this mod, but also a lot of the most pleasant bug fixes for the mobile main.scm, improvement of the game's storyline and side missions. With such improvements, there is an excellent reason to replay this wonderful game again!

What has been changed and added in mod:
- Added Hot Coffee.
- Fixed a date with Michelle.
- Fixed Boxville van doors on a house robbery mission.
- Denise Robbinson on the mission "A Home In The Hills" was replaced by an ordinary prostitute.
- On the "Custom Fast Track" mission, the guards now have a more suitable WMYSGRD skin.
- During the "Drive-Thru" mission, the characters no longer move in the car in a "magical" way.
- On the "Farewell, My Love..." mission, Claude is now driving with Catalina, not Wo Zi Mu.
- One police bribe was moved to SF in the Doherty area to a more suitable place (it used to be inside the house).
- The save icon in the Mad Dog Mansion has been moved to the living room, as in SilentPatch, to avoid problems with playing basketball.
- On the "Wrong Side of the Tracks" mission, there are now more types of Wagons on the train.
- On the "Lure" mission, the game now uses the correct tinted Rancher.
- On the "Snail Trail" mission, the reporter is now picked up by a taxi with the correct taxi driver model.
- The mission "Breaking the Bank at Caligula's" now does not change CJ's current hairstyle.
- On the "Key to Her Heart" mission, the game now uses the correct model of Millie in the sex shop and her house (you need to install the models and textures attached in the archive), and also a member of the Russian mafia at the beginning of the task was replaced by a bandit from the Italian mafia Vmaff4.
- SFPD now has Police Maverick.
- Motorcycles now appear correctly near the biker school after passing it.
- Well Stacked Pizza pizzerias in Palomino Creek and Montgomery, a barber shop in El Quebrados and a sports field on Santa Maria Beach are now displayed on the radar.
- After the "Fish in a Barrel" mission, The Four Dragons Casino becomes an asset bringing a maximum of $15,000.
- Fixed the ability to perform a "Quadruple Insane Stunt", and also added a chance to receive praise "for a good landing" if during the flight or upon landing the vehicle received only minor damage and was not drowned.
- The crane in Los Santos can now be used.
- Fixed the license plate of Caesar's car — now it reads as "VLA4L" (Varrios Los Aztecas 4 Life), not "LVA4L".
- The pickup position for the Country Rifle in one of the locations has been corrected.
- The girl who suspects you of cheating and chases you during a date with another girl now always has the right license plates and a car.
- The Kickstart side mission can now be performed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (previously, due to an error, there were only 2 days).
- One of the canteens at Fort Carson is now correctly displayed on the radar during a date.
- The limit in gyms now works the same as in SilentPatch — it depends on the days spent in the game.
- Added instruction before the start of the biker and boat school with unused replicas, as in the driving school (subtitles for the dialogue in the biker school are not quite correct, since there are not enough lines in the game for this instruction, but it does not particularly catch the eye).
- Statistics now correctly displays the money spent in a strip club.
- The amount of money spent on car tuning in vending machines, hot dog vans and street vendors is now correctly recorded in statistics.
- Killed bouncers on casino debt are now recorded in statistics.
- The entrance to the Jefferson Motel and Colonel Furberger's house now opens only after completing the relevant story missions.
- Now the game uses a different, more correct animation when landing with a parachute.
- The "Spin and go" test was returned to the driving school.
- In driving school, the "Burn & lap" test now requires driving 5 laps in 40 seconds as on PC/PS2, not 3.
- The instructor at the driving school now notifies the player about 12 tests required to pass the school, and not about 11.
- The tests "The stoppie" and "Jump & Stoppie" were returned to the motorcycle school.
- Now, to get a van on the "Life's a Beach" mission, you will need to score 4000 points in the dance, as on PS2 (optional).
- Siren speed on the "Black Project" mission with PS2 (optional).

Changes from 15.04.22:
- On the side mission "Big Smoke's Cash" Patriot and his driver now do not have full protection from damage.
- On the side mission "Big Smoke's Cash", all three types of GSV member models are now used — Fam1, Fam2 and Fam3.
- All variations of scripts are now adapted for PS Vita.

Changes from 17.04.22:
- Many missions now use more varieties of Ballas and Fam (GSF) models.
- On the "Management Issues" mission, Mad Dog's manager now has a unique model.
- On the mission "The Da Nang Thang", one of the imprisoned refugees now has an unused Csom2 model.
- On the "OG Loc" mission, Freddy now has a unique model.
- On the mission "Los Desperados" Caesar's friends Sunny, Heizer and Gal now have unique models.
- On the mission "Los Sepulcros", Kane now has a unique model.
- On the "Snail Trail" mission, the reporter now has a unique model.
- On the "Tanker Commander" mission, Mr. Whittaker now has a unique model.
- On the mission "The Home in the Hills" Big Poppa now has a unique model.
- On the "Doberman" mission, the traitor now has a unique model.
- On the "Sweet's Girl" mission, the members of the Seville Boulevard Families gang now have unique models.
- Members of the Seville Boulevard Families and Temple Drive Families with unique models are now also present at the "Reuniting the Families" mission at the motel.
- On the missions "You've Had Your Chips", "Intensive Care" and "The Meat Business", members of the Sindacco Family now have unique models.
- On the missions "Intensive Care", "Freefall" and "Saint Mark's Bistro", members of the Forelli family now have unique models.

Changes from 18.04.22:
- Added co-op with PS3.
- On the mission "The Da Nang Thang" Snakehead now has a unique model.
- On the "Sweet's Girl" mission, the Sweet's girl now has a unique model.
- On the mission "Madd Dog's Rhymes" OG Loc at the end of the mission now comes out in a Burger Shot worker costume.

Changes from 20.04.22:
- Some unique models and their textures have been changed.
- In the port of LS, you can now find the Russian mafia, and in the countryside — a biker gang.
- Street food vendors now have three different models, different voices and play unique animations.

Changes from 21.04.22:
- Restored the Home_brains script for the unique behavior of homeless people.
- Guards at police parking lots now let the main character through if he is wearing a policeman's uniform, and also have special cues when they let the hero into the parking lot or vice versa.
- Cars for import/export now have more number variations.
- Only Bloodring Banger cars now participate in the "Blood Ring" trials at the stadium, and the crowd sounds have become more diverse.
- The "Supply Lines" mission now has difficulty with PS2 (optional).
- The number of Russian mafia and bikers has been adjusted.
- The Italian mafia now has territories near the casino Caligula.

Changes from 22.04.22:
- The Leviathan helicopter now always has a magnet (as on the "Up, Up and Away!" mission).
- Some bugs caused by the mod have been fixed.

Changes from 05.05.22:
- In the course of the storyline, more than 200 new unique replicas previously unused in the game were added, including several new phone calls and small scenes (currently under testing).

Changes from 08.05.22:
- On the "Badlands" mission, the snitch now has a special model.
- SAM rocket launchers at the military base in the Easter Basin port are now always working.
- Bugs in some missions caused by the mod have been fixed.

Changes from 03.06.22:
- Bugs in some missions caused by the mod have been fixed.

Changes from 08.06.22:
- Textures "Bum1" and "Bum2" are now used on the "OG Loc" mission.
- On the "Running Dog" mission, after killing Vagos, it is now necessary to take Big Smoke home — previously unused dialogues have been added in this part.
- Bugs in some missions caused by the mod have been fixed.

Changes from 10.06.22:
- Bugs in some missions caused by the mod have been fixed.

Changes from 13.06.22:
- Military now appear on military bases.
- Lighthouses now have a spotlight that turns on at night (Correction of the lighthouse and the pyramid, author Junior_Djjr).
- Bugs in some missions caused by the mod have been fixed.

Changes from 20.06.22:
- Guppy now has a unique model.
- Refueling workers on the "Tanker Commander" mission now have unique models.
- Added side missions from TTDISA: "Pizza Boy", "Trash Dash", "Cherry Popper", "Car Salesman", "Slash TV", "Caddy Daddy", "Cone Crazy", "Karmageddon" and "Stunt Boat Challenge". These missions are available only in English and are optional for 100% completion.
- Bugs in some missions caused by the mod have been fixed.

Changes from 21.06.22:
- Bugs in some missions caused by the mod have been fixed.

Installation: transfer files along the path files / data.

(!) Attention! To work, you need an APK with cut out data duplicates. The saves you created earlier are incompatible with this mod - you need to start a new game.

Based on on mods:
- Storyline Enhancement Mod;
- Updated classics.


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