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Hot Coffee Mobile (Improved Mobile main.scm) (update from 26.07.23)

Author: Raskul, Laremi Story, Deezire, Philips_27, 5d0, Harahettagu, Izzotop, ilver, SaH4PoK, lapushka and other
Date: 30.01.2022
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Good afternoon, you got clickbait! What, it turns out, there will be no Hot Coffee?! No, it will! But there is not only Hot Coffee in this mod, but also a lot of the most pleasant bug fixes for the mobile main.scm, improvement of the game's storyline and side missions. With such improvements, there is an excellent reason to replay this wonderful game again!

What is available in the modification:
- Added Hot Coffee.
- In the course of the storyline, more than 400 new unique replicas were added that were not previously used in the game, including several new phone calls and unique cutscenes (currently being tested).
- Fixed a date with Michelle.
- Fixed van doors on house robbery missions.
- Added many unique models for a wide variety of characters throughout the storyline.
- A lot of bug fixes and logical flaws of the original missions of the game.
- A lot of fixes for off-plot gameplay bugs and flaws.
- The Russian mafia, the biker gang and the Italian mafia are satisfied.
- Added side missions from TTDISA: "Pizza Boy", "Trash Dash", "Cherry Popper", "Car Salesman", "Slash TV", "Caddy Daddy", "Cone Crazy", "Karmageddon" and "Stunt Boat Challenge". These missions are available only in English and are optional for 100% completion.
- Restored some features of PC and PS2 scripts.
...And much more!

Changes from 03.04.23 (version 30):
- On the Meat Business mission, you now need to choose a password on the panel with buttons to interact with the refrigerator doors. Also added a unique object that suggests a code combination for the panel.
- On the Deconstruction mission, there are now workers in the trailers.
- On the "Robbing Uncle Sam" mission, you now need to pick up a key card from one of the military to open the warehouse gates.
- On the "Ran Fa Li" mission, now the garage where the Manana car needs to be driven is guarded by members of the Triad gang.
- On the "Yay Ka-Boom-Boom" mission, factory workers no longer disappear after the bomb is activated.
- The gates at the military depot in Los Santos are now there before and after the "Robbing Nncle Sam" mission.
- Unique police vehicles now appear in the parking lots of the police station.
- If the player does not have green clothes, then the attitude of enemy gangs towards him will change (works only up to a certain stage of the plot).
- Dancing in clubs now becomes available only after completing the "Life's a Beach" mission.
- On the "Against All Odds" mission, after the explosion of the safe, traces of the explosion remain on the floor.
- The policeman who calls for reinforcements in the parking lot of the police station now holds a walkie-talkie in his hands.
- The gate at the entrance to the factory of the Loco Syndicate now exists before the mission "Yay Ka-Boom-Boom".
- Many new unique parked vehicles have been added to the map.
- All side missions when completed now play the soundtrack of the second type, not the first.
- When completing courier missions, previously unused text is now displayed.
- Now, if you make a shot in the house during the passage of the mission to rob houses, the police will arrive instantly.
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Changes from 09.04.23 (version 31):
- On the "Dam and Blast" mission in the cut scene in which we see a falling plane, the camera now does not pass through the ground.
- Now, if you meet a girl (Michelle, Barbara, Katie and Helena), and immediately after that you kill her, then the next time you meet her, she will break up with you.
- There are now military personnel in the military warehouse at the Los Santos docks.
- Pickups of weapons can now be found at the military warehouse in the docks of Los Santos.
- Passing the Lowriders test now gives a bonus in the form of a discount at the Loco Low Co auto repair shop.
- Penetration into the ventilation at a military base in the desert is now possible before completing the "Black Project" mission.
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Changes from 13.04.23 (version 31a):
- At the Area 69 military base, the underground laboratory is now patrolled by the military.
- When choosing clothes in the wardrobe or store, you can now skip some animations.
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Changes from 15.04.23 (version 32):
- The number of dealers in Ganton in the course of the plot now changes according to the plot stage.
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Changes from 17.04.23 (version 32a):
- Side missions from TTDISA now become available only after completing all missions in the city in which they are activated.
- Fixed a bug on the 5th mission of the quarry when the game counted you a crazy trick when unloading barrels.
- All the unique clothes that the girls give you now have their bonuses: the clothes of a policeman, a medic and a pimp give you bonus time during the passage of the corresponding missions; the racer costume gives a bonus cash reward when passing races; the farmer costume improves the attitude of bikers to you.

Changes from 30.04.23 (version 33):
- Added health pickups near every hospital in the state.
- On the "Key to Her Heart" and "Snail Trail" missions, spook-o-meter now works a little differently (missions are by the way more complicated).
- On the "Robbing Uncle Sam" mission, the military Patriot during the final chase will no longer teleport after you if its driver is killed.
- Some markers on missions have been increased in size to simplify pointlessly complex tasks.
- On the "Up, Up and Away", "Dam and Blast" and "Robbing Uncle Sam" missions, the main character now wears a mask as he infiltrates government facilities.
- A variation of the "Only Hot Coffee" scripts now returns lessons cut from the mobile version to the motorcycle school and driving school.
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Changes from 06.05.23 (version 33a):
- Improved the mini-game with the selection of code on the panel with buttons.
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Changes from 09.05.23 (version 34):
- All changes in scripts made in the mobile version by the developers themselves have been removed to simplify the passage of some missions — now the complexity of these missions is similar to PC / PS2.
- Military personnel at the base in the desert now guard hangars with military equipment.
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Changes from 16.05.23 (version 35):
- In the Mobile version of scripts, you now need to press buttons during Hot Coffee to complete this mini-game.
- Scripts were removed to fix "suicide photographers" and a bug with motorcycle tuning.
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Changes from 20.05.23 (version 35a):
- The "Fix Bike Transfender Glitch" (by Junior_Djjr) was finalized and returned.
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Changes from 15.06.23 (version 36):
- The training cut scene at the end of the Doberman mission can now be skipped.
- PC control has been implemented in the gym for dumbbells and barbells — now you need to press two buttons alternately, not one, as in the mobile version.
- On the "End Of The Line" mission, the dead Smoke now has a unique model and animation (by Claude).
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Changes from 26.07.23 (version 37):
- A sandstorm is now installed on the "Dam and Blast" mission after jumping from the plane.
- On the "Dam and Blast" mission, one more container is now located on the dam (taken from the main.scm sources).
- Foggy weather is now set for the "Badlands" mission.
- On the "Badlands" mission, FBI agents now have high shooting accuracy.
- On the "Drive-thru" mission, two employees of this restaurant are now standing near Cluckin' Bell (taken from the main.scm sources).
- On the "OG Loc" mission, the images "bum1" and "bum2" are now displayed as the developers intended (taken from the main.scm sources).
- On the "OG Loc" mission, one of the cars on the Mulholland Intersection highway now explodes while chasing Jeffrey (taken from the main.scm sources).
- Calls from the Suite, which notify the player about the growing problem of drug trafficking in the area, now work differently: now there is an opportunity to avoid these calls. To do this, kill at least one dealer in the northern and one dealer in the southern part of Ganton.
- On the "Deconstruction" mission, a dump truck "Dumper" now appears on the construction site (taken from the main.scm sources).
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Past changes can be seen here —

Installation: transfer files along the path files / data.

(!) Attention! To work, you need an APK with cut out data duplicates. The saves you created earlier are incompatible with this mod - you need to start a "new game".

Based on on mods:
- Storyline Enhancement Mod;
- Updated classics;
- Story Mode 2.0.

List of other modifications used in this mod:
- "Follow Gang Interiors" (by cheeseburger);
- "Fix Bike Transfender Glitch" (by Junior_Djjr);
- "Heart Attack Mod" (by Junior_Djjr);
- "Body Stats Fix in Interiors" (by Cleoude);
- "Lighthouse & Pyramid Fix" (by Junior_Djjr);
- Ped Database Project v2.2 (by GroveStGTAV, Cleoude, Jeansowaty, Kalvin, _F_, Artur$MD, G The Generous, SlingShot753).

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