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Hot Coffee Mobile (Improved Mobile main.scm) (update from 30.03.23)

Author: Raskul, Laremi Story, Deezire, Philips_27, 5d0, Harahettagu, Izzotop, ilver, SaH4PoK, lapushka and other
Date: 30.01.2022
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Filesize: 127.699 MB

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Good afternoon, you got clickbait! What, it turns out, there will be no Hot Coffee?! No, it will! But there is not only Hot Coffee in this mod, but also a lot of the most pleasant bug fixes for the mobile main.scm, improvement of the game's storyline and side missions. With such improvements, there is an excellent reason to replay this wonderful game again!

What is available in the modification:
- Added Hot Coffee.
- In the course of the storyline, more than 400 new unique replicas were added that were not previously used in the game, including several new phone calls and unique cutscenes (currently being tested).
- Fixed a date with Michelle.
- Fixed van doors on house robbery missions.
- Added many unique models for a wide variety of characters throughout the storyline.
- A lot of bug fixes and logical flaws of the original missions of the game.
- A lot of fixes for off-plot gameplay bugs and flaws.
- The Russian mafia, the biker gang and the Italian mafia are satisfied.
- Added side missions from TTDISA: "Pizza Boy", "Trash Dash", "Cherry Popper", "Car Salesman", "Slash TV", "Caddy Daddy", "Cone Crazy", "Karmageddon" and "Stunt Boat Challenge". These missions are available only in English and are optional for 100% completion.
- Restored some features of PC and PS2 scripts.
...And much more!

Changes from 31.12.23 (version 38):
I wish you all a happy New Year!
- After the "Big Smoke" mission at the Los Santos cemetery, the grave of CJ's mother is now covered with earth, a monument appears near it.
- After the Los Sepulcros mission at the Los Santos cemetery, Kane's grave is now covered with earth, a monument appears near it.
- On the "555 We Tip" mission, you now have to drive yourself into the garage to put drugs in the prosecutor's car.
- Near the Los Santos Police Station, you can now view information about parking lots.
- On the "Black Project" mission, the searchlights now switch to search mode if the main character opens fire with any weapon except a pistol with a silencer.
- The behavior of the military has been slightly redesigned on the Black Project mission.
- On the pimp mission, the level scale now looks similar to other side missions.
- Added unused text during the completion of the pimp's mission (appears only when the mission is completed again).
- On the Mountain Cloud Boys mission, Blood Feathers now have unique models.
- On the mission "The Da Nang Thang", Snakehead's accuracy and attack speed were increased.
- On the "Dam and Blast" mission, the guards now have increased accuracy.
- CJ's phrases in a hidden knife attack are now pronounced only outside of missions.
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Changes from 24.01.24 (version 38a):
- On the Architectural Espionage mission, the door leading to the second floor of the department is now open before the fire starts.
- The failure of the Hot Coffee mini-game now lowers the level of the relationship with the girl.
- After the end of the Hot Coffee mini-game, the player will now return back to the car if he was in it at the time of the start of the Hot Coffee.
- Added an Extra folder where you can find an ipl file that will fix a duplicate crane at a construction site in the LS.
- "Follow Gang Interiors" (by cheeseburger) has been removed.
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Changes from 26.01.24 (version 38b):
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Changes from 02.02.24 (version 38c):
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Changes from 07.02.24 (version 38d):
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Changes from 10.02.24 (version 38e):
- The police walkie-talkie model at the impound lot now replaces the unused "tattoo_needle" model, rather than the used "cj_cj_burg2". Update the models from the "gta_int" folder.

Changes from 18.02.24 (version 38f):
- There is now a fix in the Extra folder that adds missing objects in the garage in Doherty.

Changes from 10.03.24 (version 39):
- On taxi driver missions, some potential passengers can now play unused animations, beckoning you.
- Newly redesigned spook-o-meter on the "Snail Trail" and "Key to Her Heart" missions. Now you need to hide behind solid objects so that the target does not notice you.
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Changes from 12.03.24 (version 39a):
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Changes from 30.03.24 (version 40):
- On the Snail Trail mission, you can now miss a train with a reporter if you are at a certain distance from him.
- At the beginning of the "Snail Trail" mission, the train now stands at the station for a longer amount of time - you can catch it and skip the chase.
- The "King in Exile" mission now restarts correctly after a failure.
- On the "Just Business" mission, pedestrians near the atrium in the cutscene now sit correctly on chairs.
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Past changes can be seen here —

Installation: transfer files along the path files / data.

(!) Attention! To work, you need an APK with cut out data duplicates. The saves you created earlier are incompatible with this mod - you need to start a "new game".

Based on on mods:
- Storyline Enhancement Mod;
- Updated classics;
- Story Mode 2.0.

List of other modifications used in this mod:
- "Fix Bike Transfender Glitch" (by Junior_Djjr);
- "Heart Attack Mod" (by Junior_Djjr);
- "Body Stats Fix in Interiors" (by Cleoude);
- "Lighthouse & Pyramid Fix" (by Junior_Djjr);
- Ped Database Project v2.2 (by GroveStGTAV, Cleoude, Jeansowaty, Kalvin, _F_, Artur$MD, G The Generous, SlingShot753).


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