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Race Maker (Beta 2) for Mobile

Author: Gheovgos | Email
Date: 23.09.2021
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This is mod lets you create 5 opponents with random cars and 25 checkpoints placed where you want and race with them! Pay 100$ to partecipate and win 500$ if you'll be the first in the race! This mod is [b]under development[/b] and the in-game menu shows my future plans. At moment, Default Race is the only supported race. The other settings will be implemented in future. The Casual Run will be a script that creates a random race track, but it will be the last update.
You must put the cars and checkpoints on the roads.

To install, put the unzipped files into data/com.rockstars/. You must have installed CLEO to run it.
There is a gameplay of the latest version:

The next update will contain:
-Improve AI. This will be main focus for a while
-Bugfixes: at moment I dont se many, but if I found them be sure I'll kill them.
-Add the possibility to increase/decrease the number of opponents

If you like it, please, tell me! If you want to contact me in any way, use the mail linked. If you hate it, please, tell me why! Have fun!

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Race Maker (Beta 2) for Mobile
Race Maker (Beta 2) for Mobile Race Maker (Beta 2) for Mobile Race Maker (Beta 2) for Mobile

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