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Race Maker for Android

Author: Gheovgos | Email
Date: 20.09.2021
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This is a mod of an existing mod "Carreace" released on youtube (link:, I decided to modify it adding more opponents and checkpoints.

,t nella-5 random players to race to
-Create 25 checkpoints on your choice
-500$ for who wins!

Here a gameplay video:

How to active it:
Once decided your path, tap on bottom right arrow. Do it 5 times and you'll spawn 5 different cars, here will start the race. Make sure they are not so close each other, or probably will bug the entire race. Once placed them, drive (or walk) and tap again the bottom right arrow and the race checkpoint will be placed. Note that the AI is little dumb, place the checkpoints in roads and in the right position or they'll break the path. Do it 25 and you have the race path. Note that the at 25th you'll be teleported to start of the race, so do not be afraid to go far. Once tapped 25 times, the 26th tap will start the race. If you'll reach the end, you'll gain 500$, if you lose you'll lose 100$.

NOTE: This is a Work-In-Progress mod. I want to add more features and fix some bugs. Please, if you enjoy with, tell me it!
Future features:
-Improve AI
-convert .csa to .csi
-save racepaths

Feel free to modify it!

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Race Maker for Android
Race Maker for Android

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