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BMW Z4 M Coupe (SA lights) for mobile

Author: SHAHIN NAVIDI, mobile mods
Date: 20.06.2021
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BMW Z4 M Coupe (SA lights) for mobile
main author: SHAHIN NAVIDI
edited by me( mobile mods )

"The first generation M Coupe, the Z3 M Coupe, was a highly competent sportscar that blended power with excellent handling, although aesthetics were perhaps an afterthought. For the new M Coupe, a sharp-edged, creased, aggressive shape was designed under the watchful eye of Chris Bangle, BMW’s well-known former design chief. Instead of the shooting brake-inspired roofline, the M Coupe adopts a fastback shape that descends back to an integrated rear spoiler and seriously flared rear fenders. Under the hood resides BMW’s excellent inline six, making 343 horsepower and allowing the Z4 M to charge to 60 mph in just under 5 seconds. Suspension tuning is as you’d expect from a BMW sport coupe—firmness and composure in corners, but suppleness on rough tarmac. It’s a worthy successor to the original M Coupe, and a sportscar worthy of respect in its own right."
- Forza


* changes made by me:
= converted the IVF lights to SA lights
= unique texture names
= improved data lines, fits the car better
= antenna as extra
= increased car body reflection, still looks good with or without graphics mods
= removed chassis_vlo (too heavy for mobile)
= removed custom damage
= removed the reflection of interior and other parts

= seperated the dff's parts to prevent exceeding 20k polys, no more black cleo


= Quality model from Forza Horizon 4
= Detailed exterior and interior
= 3D engine and boot
= has extra (antenna)
= SA colors and plate support
= SA lights/HQLM support
= Custom shadow and collision
= Custom reflections
= Custom handling
= Custom vehicles.ide
= Replaces BANSHEE or any car you want
= 11mb dff and 2.9mb textures


* data lines *
= handling.cfg =
BANSHEE 1400.0 3000.0 1.1 0.0 0.0 -0.20 70 0.65 0.89 0.50 5 270.0 24.0 10.0 R P 8.0 0.52 0 34.0 1.6 0.10 5.0 0.40 -0.07 0.5 0.3 0.15 0.49 45000 2004 200000 1 1 1

= vehicles.ide =
429, banshee, banshee, car, BANSHEE, BANSHEE, null, executive, 5, 0, 0, -1, 0.75, 0.75, 0


* take note *
= unpleasant for low end phones
= no custom damage
= texture bug on left door window (driver side), it becomes totally transparent when lights are on


* credits to SHAHIN NAVIDI

* Special thanks to OneeSama (tutorials, advice and support)

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BMW Z4 M Coupe (SA lights) for mobile
BMW Z4 M Coupe (SA lights) for mobile BMW Z4 M Coupe (SA lights) for mobile

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