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GTA V - Dinka Veto "Class. & Modern" (Only DFF)

Author: B0L4S / Automan | Email
Date: 20.05.2021
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"Take yourself back to the good old days of birthday party GoKarting: the cigarette smog, the broken shins, the breaks for that luminous fruit drink that turned a bunch of kids blind. Wasn't that heaven? Well, now's your opportunity to relive the memories on the highway with no adult supervision. / So you think you're worthy of the Veto Modern? You better be. This vehicle is so sophisticated, so sleek, so moderately powerful, that it's road legal. We think. We haven't verified that yet…"
Southern San Andreas Super Autos description.

It has 4 bodywork variants.

NOTE: As it is a model that shares the same chassis, I combine the 2 models in one. Classical and Modern Veto, only differ in bodywork.

If you notice any visual imperfection or glitch, report it to me so I can fix it.

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Credits for: Rockstar Games / Automan

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GTA V - Dinka Veto GTA V - Dinka Veto

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