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Burnout 3 sfx for mobile

Author: Freeessh WR 117
Date: 09.04.2021
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my 3rd mod can you believe it
good thing to say is the sfx from bunout 3 for GTA SA this mod replaces various sounds with sounds from burnout 3 takedown
Among the sounds that it replaces are the crashes or when you hit a car, some effects such as the screeching of the tires when they skid and the horn of the cars, not all and various effects such as the explosions, the interface and the effect when you collect some collectibles such as horseshoes and finally 2 variants of the theme of when you unlock a car one he is famous bettys last boyage when you successfully finish a mission and another without the song that is unused in the game that will sound every time you buy a new pro

The installation is a bit complicated and difficult to explain so I will leave a video that is not mine but that explains how to do that if you omit the part of converting the audio because obviously that is already done

anyway there is a version already configured for those people who want to avoid the fatigue of installing the audios on their own.
it is few words you just extract and copy to the files of your gta

I hope you like it

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Burnout 3 sfx for mobile
Burnout 3 sfx for mobile

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