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Winter Edition 2021 V2.1.2 For Android

Author: Cacahuete
Date: 17.12.2020
Downloads: 15597 | Statistics
Filesize: 131.642 MB

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Fixes some textures like the country side and a beter texture on the tractor

hohoho hello people from the gta mobil community it's me
and today I am bringing the winter mod 2.1
what brings back
* the alpha channel of the textures was corrected
* a bug regarding the railway bridge or the train on the outskirts of tierra_robada was fixed
* added compatibility with mod model fixes
and more than arrangements that gives me roe to mention
now the questions
Is it compatible with mod model fixes?
Yes, in the file there are some textures of the mod to install them in case you have said mod if not it is not necessary after all they are only textures the models do not undergo changes
Is it compatible with GTA SA 2.0?
for your chicken that if there are no bugs but it is recommended to delete the files CINFO.BIN and MINFO.BIN for better performance
Will you share your gta v skins?
Yes, if everything goes according to my plans for the new year or the first of January they will have them
This mod is still an improved version of rizal_noob_modder's mod absolute credits to him

have a merry christmas criminals

PS: as soon as the mod is uploaded, version 2.0 of this mod will be canceled, that is, the previous version

hohoho hola gente de la comunidad de gta mobil soy yo
y hoy vengo trayendo el winter mod 2.1
que trae de nuevo
*se corrigio el canal alpha de las texturas
*un error con respecto al puente ferrocarrilero o del tren a las afueras de tierra_robada fue corregido
*se añadio compatibilidad con el mod model fixes
y mas que arreglos que me da hueva mensionar
ahora las preguntas
¿es compatible con el mod model fixes?
si ,en el archivo hay unas texturas del mod para instalarlas a este en caso de que tengas dicho mod si no no es necesario al cabo solo son texturas los modelos no sufren cambios
¿es compatible con GTA SA 2.0?
por su pollo que si no hay fallos pero se recomienda eliminar los archivos CINFO.BIN y MINFO.BIN para mejor rendimiento
¿compartiras tus skins de gta v?
si, si todo va acorde a mis planes para año nuevo o los primeros de enero los tendran
Este mod sigue siendo una version mejorada del mod de rizal_noob_modder creditos absolutos a el

pasen feliz navidad criminales

pd: en cuanto se suba el mod la version 2.0 de este mod sera dada de baja es decir la version anterior


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Winter Edition 2021 V2.1.2 For Android
Winter Edition 2021 V2.1.2 For Android Winter Edition 2021 V2.1.2 For Android Winter Edition 2021 V2.1.2 For Android Winter Edition 2021 V2.1.2 For Android Winter Edition 2021 V2.1.2 For Android

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