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Doherty Doble Garage For Mobile

Author: cacahuete
Date: 02.09.2020
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este mod es de pc pero lo adapte a mobil y ¿de que trata?
si eres un poco menos estupido que yo el mod trata de que ahora el garage doherty es un garage doble y si eso es todo puedes guardar autos mas grandes y solo eso no puedes guardar mas de 4 autos ya que si colocas uno mas el juego lo desaparecera
pdt yo no hice el mod el autor original es Adu$ (AdusPL)

This mod is for pc but I adapted it to mobile and what is it about?
If you are a little less stupid than me, the mod is that now the doherty garage is a double garage and if that is all you can save bigger cars and only that you can not save more than 4 cars because if you place one more the game will will disappear
pdt I did not make the mod the original author is Adu $ (AdusPL)

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Doherty Doble Garage For Mobile
Doherty Doble Garage For Mobile Doherty Doble Garage For Mobile

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