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LB Nissan GTR R35 Premium (reflection fixed) for mobile

Author: DULL, mobile mods
Date: 22.07.2020
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LB Nissan GTR R35 Premium (reflection fixed) for mobile
main author: DULL
edited by me (mobile mods)

= mod has been remake

“If there’s one car out there that probably doesn’t need its fenders blistered it’s the R35 GT-R. The big Nissan – successor to the Skyline GT-R – boasts a pretty robust stance to start off with: big Aeroblade (in Nissan talk) front fenders joining a chunky, bulbous rear end that makes it one of the most imposing cars on the streets today. But who the hell said aggression has limits?”
- Speedhunters


*changes made by me:
= unique texture names
= retextured plate
= car body reflection increased, still looks good with or without graphics mods
= removed the reflection of interior, grille, plastic and other parts
= adjusted the reflection of other parts by a minimal amount
= removed the brake calipers


= Quality model from CSR2
= detailed exterior and interior
= has 3D engine and boot
= guaranteed no black cleo
= SA light/HQLM support
= SA colors support
= Custom shadow and collision
= Custom handling
= Custom vehicles.ide
= Replaces CADRONA or any car you want
= 8.1mb dff and 4.3mb textures


*data lines*
= handling.cfg =
CADRONA 1400.0 2725.3 1.5 0.0 0.0 -0.25 70 0.70 0.8 0.50 5 240.0 30.0 10.0 4 P 11.0 0.51 0 30.0 1.2 0.19 0.0 0.25 -0.09 0.5 0.4 0.37 0.72 95000 40002004 C04000 1 1 1

= vehicles.ide =
527, cadrona, cadrona, car, CADRONA, CADRONA, null, poorfamily, 10, 0, 0, -1, 0.78, 0.78, 0

= carcols.dat =
cadrona, 1,1


* note *
= may cause lag to low end phones
= no custom damage


* big thanks to DULL for giving me permission to upload his mods here on GTAinside

now get racing!
= mobile mods =


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LB Nissan GTR R35 Premium (reflection fixed) for mobile
LB Nissan GTR R35 Premium (reflection fixed) for mobile LB Nissan GTR R35 Premium (reflection fixed) for mobile LB Nissan GTR R35 Premium (reflection fixed) for mobile

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