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2017 Lexus RC-F GT3 for Mobile

Author: -EXDEATH- | Email
Date: 08.03.2020
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《2017 Lexus RC-F GT3》


From : Asseto Corsa
For : GTA San Andreas : Mobile


Features :
- 5 Custom Paintjobs Included
- High Quality Model
- High Quality Textures
- High Quality Reflection
- Own Custom Collision
- Own Custom Settings
- Own Custom Data Lines
- Own Custom Shadow
- Working Headlights
- Working Steering Wheel


Issues :
Due to it's highly detailed model and textures, it can make your game laggy. I recommend that you must have a high-end phone or lower the graphics settings of the game


Model source : 3D Models
Ported to SA by : Roselia Design
Hanayo Paintjob by : Akbar Witwicky
Ported to mobile by : -EXDEATH-


Replaces : Regina


If you want to use this mod, feel free to do so, just give proper credits. I also accept PC to mobile porting of mods for SA, if you would like to request, message me and we'll discuss it.


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2017 Lexus RC-F GT3 for Mobile
2017 Lexus RC-F GT3 for Mobile 2017 Lexus RC-F GT3 for Mobile 2017 Lexus RC-F GT3 for Mobile

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