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Enterable Buildings Final v2 for SA Android/PC

Author: Wajahat Munir | Email
Date: 22.09.2019
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Enterable Buildings Final v2

by Wajahat Munir (WM Gamer)

What's New
• Area69 enterable
• LAE Bridge fix
• Santa Maria Beach Road fix
• EL CORONA Shadow fix
• Toreno Ranch Shadow fix
• Fence Missing fix: Return fence to basketball court in los santos.
• PED Attract fix: Now people will not play the animation ATM, and will sit on the chairs.
• Missing barriers: Adds the missing barriers at Railway crossings in the PM:
- 3 in Jefferson;
- 2 in Include;
- 1 near the station of unity.

The following places can be entered with this mod:
• Pleasure Dome
• LS Airport: is an interior, where you have to board a jet, where the marker to LC Bistro is located.
• LC Bistro: only accessible via LS and no longer accessible via SF Airport
• Aircraft Carrier
• Area51
• Ryder's House
• Sweet's House
• OG LOC's House
• Woozies Apartment
• Roof in Downtown / SF
• Planning Department
• Roof of SF Hospital
• LSPD HQ Jail: closed cell you can enter
• Roof of LSPD (now both doors of the underground car park are open ) Driving School & Bike School
• CJ's Doherty Garage: the door is closed between 0 and 6 o'clock

The burglar mission / home invasion has been fixed, markers appear again on houses.

you don't need to start a new game!


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Enterable Buildings Final v2 for SA Android/PC

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