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Snowy Area Final (UPDATED) for Android

Author: P-Man & Others
Date: 23.02.2015
Downloads: 14892
Filesize: 16.529 MB

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^_^ This's upadate final version snow area...

^_^ What's new in update version..
##Now your minimap or radar is transparant...
##Mix weapon icon..different from last upload...

What's new ??!!
-Snow area still in Whetstone,,Shady Creeks,,Mount Chliad,,Angel Pine and Bone County...
But,now road are open from snow..So,you can easy to look your road if you drive..
(=Snow Credit by Jeka Rapper and Ramm69)..

-New Beach (Santa Maria Beach) and Several Trees are more look detailed green now..
(=Credit by Dzeko.exe,,,,,gracias Dzeko)

-Minimap or radar now use GTAIV/V Styled Minimap V2..
(Credit by Camil1999)..

-New weapon icons,,..

-Cj House at Ganton,,now in Avenge Sevenfold theme...

-Have 2 option for road,,and also have option use snow or without snow...

-And any more features,,for more detailed just look screenshoot inside folder download..
and dont forget read txt inside...

-Download only 80mb-150mb each gpu mobile..

-this last update and never to update again :D

^_^ Thanks All for download...
Enjoy Your game,,..


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Snowy Area Final (UPDATED) for Android
Snowy Area Final (UPDATED) for Android Snowy Area Final (UPDATED) for Android Snowy Area Final (UPDATED) for Android

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