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Dinka Kanjo SJ - DFF Only

Author: DownFel23, Automan
Date: 09.07.2024
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Filesize: 0.496 MB

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“To the uninitiated, a run-of-the-mill early 2000s compact. But with those with the eyes to see, the Kanjo SJ is a ticket back to a simpler time: Downing cans of Sprunk in the mall parking lot, checking out each other’s neon underbody kits. Fingering each other’s spoilers, dropping quarter mile brags, and calling your dad when you break down on the way home.”

— Southern San Andreas Super Autos


This 2-door coupé has:
* 2 body extras/ body parts variation
• extra 1 (lip spoiler)
• extra 2 (arc spoiler)
* has only 1 line of color

DFF size: 2.13 MB

Mod source:

Note: This mod is tested and used for GTA SA mobile only and it is not recommended to be used for PC version due to some textures might not load. This mod is for mobile only!

Credits: Automan, Rockstar Games


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Dinka Kanjo SJ - DFF Only
Dinka Kanjo SJ - DFF Only Dinka Kanjo SJ - DFF Only

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