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1967 Ford Shelby GT-500 For Android

Author: San Kustom Mods
Date: 14.06.2022
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1967 Ford Shelby GT-500 For Android


* Original model by: Rockstar Games.
* Converted to SA by: Automan.
* Edited by: San Kustom Mods.

(Please note: I have given full credits to the original author Rockstar Games & Automan, so there is nothing wrong about the mod at all)



So this is my new and improved version of the Vapid Ellie, which was originally comes from GTA V and converted to SA by Automan, and greatly improved by me (San Kustom Mods).

Inspired from the legendary 1967 Shelby GT-500. To make it looks more like its real life counterpart, I have replaced the wheels with that of the Picador, added a body coloured rear panel along with the iconic Shelby logo, re-positioned exhaust pipes and license plates, real Shelby badges and many other changes like that.

By default, it replaces the BF-Injection, but you can also replace any other model of the game as well.



* Replaces - BF Injection.
* Supports - SA lights.
* Supports - SA reflections.
* Supports - 3 colours (body, hood & chrome).
* Supports - 1 extra (front license plate).

* New SA license plate.
* New Shelby badges.
* New rims from Picador.

* Body coloured rear panel.
* Re-positioned exhaust pipes.
* Re-positioned license plates.

And more...


For more information, see Readme.txt in archive!

Thank you very much for reading!

Have a great day guys!

San Kustom Mods.


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1967 Ford Shelby GT-500 For Android
1967 Ford Shelby GT-500 For Android

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