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Boeing 727 for Android (dff only)

Author: Los Santos guy, SanyaSkyFly
Date: 30.08.2017
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Filesize: 34.024 MB

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American Airlines Boeing 727-100 dff only mod. Original author is SanyaSkyFly. Ported to Android by Los Santos guy. You need the Vehicle Spawner Cleo mod if you want to fly the airplane. When spawning the airplane, touch the arrow in the top right corner.
I've included two methods for installing this mod:

The simple method. (dff only) The only thing you have to do is replace at400.dff with Img Tool Android
and move the file called 'txd' to Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/texdb. This is a primitive
method. Because it's possible that you already have a file called 'txd' installed for another mod.

The Txd Tool (Android) method. (This method is the best) You have to import 'at400.txd' to 'txd.txt' with Txd Tool.
(And of course replace at400.dff with Img Tool Android)
I've made a tutorial on how to use Txd Tool:
Good luck and enjoy!


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Boeing 727 for Android (dff only)
Boeing 727 for Android (dff only) Boeing 727 for Android (dff only) Boeing 727 for Android (dff only)

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